Very OT: Blogs (including music blogs)

If you are the owner or manager of a personal blog that may or may not include music (your own, not for an employer), I’d like to hear from you. (I’m planning to start two blogs, one musical, one not.)

  1. What blogging platform do you use? And do you like it?
  2. If a musical blog, what method do you use to put music examples into the post?
  3. If your blog is mailed directly to a contact list (in entirety, not just an alert), how do you manage that? (May be a thing of the past?)
  4. Do you publish your blog posts as you post them, or do you schedule them?
  5. How important is it to have an ‘unsubscribe button’ in the post?

Thanks in advance for any insights, suggestions, etc.

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  1. Timely question, as I’m in the progress of moving several web sites, including some blogs, off self-hosted WordPress and onto a static site generator (SSG) called 11ty. I like 11ty very much. There are many advantages to this approach. Self-hosted WP requires a server and a database; an SSG generates the whole site at build time (e.g., anytime you write a new post or change your formatting), and can be hosted by a free (as in free beer) service like GitHub Pages, which is what I’m using. These static sites can also be blazingly fast.
  2. For my music blog, I use Dorico’s graphics slices for musical examples. Perfect use case. I’m about to launch a new blog for jazz guitar, and it will use graphics slices for inline examples, but also have PDFs for exercise sheets.
  3. No mailing list at present.
  4. I publish things when I write them.
  5. Not important to me.
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  1. I use as platform, with my custom domain. I use the Ulysses app to write the blog posts, so I do not fiddle too much with the WP interface.
  2. Dorico slices or Sibelius graphic selection export to PNG.
  3. The blog has an option to subscribe to be notified about upcoming posts
  4. I schedule them ahead of time, mostly.
  5. It is important, but if you use WP it comes baked in the email
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Thank you, Chester and Michele, for your replies. I have decided to go with for now, as it is easy and intuitive for me. I tried WordPress first, and found it extremely difficult. The next thing I have to figure out is how to make the blog public, but still send out notifications to people who have subscribed. (That seems to be two mutually exclusive goals for the moment, but I’m hopeful of a solution.)

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