Very particular time signature layout

Hello !

I would like to have time signatures displayed both of the ways in the attached image. So within the systems on each staffs AND on top of groups. Is there a way to do this ?
Capture d’écran, le 2022-05-10 à 13.20.26

I can’t think of an automatic solution, but it would be easy enough to add staff text at the top using MusGlyphs, and write in the top time signature manually. Provided there weren’t lots of meter changes…

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Dan, allow me:

Cheers, Benji


There’s quite a lot of them actually :sweat_smile:

So if I understand well, I would have to manually input each time a text of a time signature with a special police (Musglyph) ? I’ll look into this. Of course ideally, I would like an automated one.

But thanks a lot for your responses :slight_smile:

Just to confirm that there is no automatic way to achieve this in Dorico (nor is it likely to be added soon).

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Thank you for pointing out this excellent font! I’ve just added it to my arsenal of notation and am amazed at all it has to offer. It will be perfect for doing just what the O.P. was asking about.