Very Simple features that would help a lot


I’m currently using the trial version serioustly thinking of making the purchase coming from Ableton Live.

Here are my feature requests that would make my decision a no brainer. My main bug is that cubase has too many tools and switching between them is a lost of valuable time. For exemple :

1- The main object selection tool (arrow) in Cubase sucks making the need to constantly change tools. One simple way to make the workflow 10 times faster is to use the square lasso aspect of the main pointer snap to the grid like in Ableton Live. You don’t need 2 tools for that. Simply merge the Objet selection tool (arrow) with the Range selection tool. Make the Object selection tool snap it’s lasso to grid. You could press and hold Alt or Ctrl to make it free of the grid. Voilà!

2- Simple Key command for consolidating tracks would remove the need for 75% of the gluing tool need. A key command for gluing multiple events selected. In Ableton Live, all you have to press is Ctrl J and voilà! Consolidated audio tracks or glued midi events or even both in a simple Key Command.

3- Having the Volume and Panning on the “Track Controls setting” option available. That would eliminate the need to open the mixer or Inspector for a simple adjustment or a simple panning. It would also serve as a simple reference.

4- “Bypass the grid” option in the Key Editor. Holding Alt or Ctrl would make moving a note horizontally ignoring the grid and quantize settings. Kind of like the mouse does when holding Ctrl but with the arrows on the keyboard. Tiny increments without having to change the quantize of grid.

5- An option for the “Transport Preferences” that would enable “Always Play from Selection Start” I have tried assigning the spacebar to the “play from selection start” in key commands but the spacebar would not stop the playback anymore. I’m very used to having the Selection and the Locators being the start of my playbacks and not having to press “l” would be great.

I’m loving a lot of features that Cubase is offering and it’s the main contender in me switching DAW. I’ve been using the trial version about 8h a day for about a week now and I still can’t get used to those simple yet very useful features that Ableton Live Offers that are missing here. Mainly the “Object Selection Tool” that needs to be switch to the “Range Selection Tool” way too often. They simply should be the same tool.


François Beauvais

i don’t have the time now to explain , but almost all you request is configurable (in there).

If so, I’m glad to hear it.

Just point me in the right direction and I’ll post my updates when I find workarounds or the right configurations. I have not spent a whole day configuring key commands. I find it odd that Cubase does not assign a lot of their features in a default key commands settings. I know that it’s very personal but still. Would be nice if it came with key commands pre-assigned so when we work on another studio’s computer for instance, we would not be lost.

Anyway like I said, my main issue is having to switch between the “Object Selection Tool” and the “Range Selection Tool” just to make a loop happen or to select a bar within an event. That will happen hundreds of times in a session and should not have to switch tool. Also, the “Object Selection Tool” should be able to snap to grid for positioning the cursor by just clicking for easier playback cursor positioning. As of now, only the “Range Selection tool” act that way but I can’t grab event with the “Range selection tool” just by clicking on it thus needing to constantly switch between the two. Very irritating especially when you got accustomed to such an easier and faster way. (Ableton Live’s Arrangement View) If someone can show me how to configure this, I’m buying!

I’m very close to making the v8.5.40 pro purchase. I’m giving myself another week on the Trial Version.


François Beauvais