Very simple question! About drag and drop but at origin

Hi All! Just wanted to start by saying that this video by Greg was very informative.

Anyways, asking this because I’m going crazy! So simple and I can’t find the answer.
I’d like to drag and drop an event from one track to another, but LOCKED in at origin. How to do this without clipboard alt+v?

Once upon a time I knew how to, at least on protools. Not sure how to do it here.
Thanks for any solution.

I would have a but at that origin too if i knew how to. :frowning:

Do you mean that you want to drag it somewhere and have it stay in the same place in time?
For that, hold the Win (or Command) key and drag.
If you want to duplicate it so you have a copy of it in both places, hold Alt (or Option) and also Win (or Command) and drag.

If you mean locking the position while dropping, select region and click option+command (Alt+Control I think in PC) and drag.

Thanks all, I have tried these above options and nothing has worked. Question is, do I need to have snap on for that to work? Maybe I have some setting where this function is disabled. If so, I have no idea how to un-disable it.

I don’t know a shortcut but if you set your grid to relative mode your event will sustain its position. Maybe that works for you…

You don’t need snap on.
It seems like sometimes it doesn’t work if I press the modifier buttons too early.
Start dragging first, THEN while dragging click the Win (or Command) key.
Then drop.

Hi there, for some reason my computer thinks that I want to lock the event on only that one track, but allow it to be movable within that track. At least, that’s what Drag+Cmd does.

I’m trying to switch track but same location.
I guess a duplicate will suffice! It’s worked with Drag+opt+cmd.

Thanks all!

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Maybe that track is actually locked.
…or if you clicked on freeze.
…or something.

I just tried it again and it worked perfectly just by holding down cmd!