Very slow graphic response (Mac)

Hi guys,

I can’t explain why Nuendo and Cubase have such as slow GUI response. I’ve been suffering this with N7, but it’s still on C9/N8. I do own the best Macbook Pro, with all the possible upgrades on board and I’m working with a 6 o 7 tracks version, almost no plugins, a few markers and it’s painful.

Anyone suffering this?


Yep, same here on my top spec 2016 MacBook Pro. The graphics system simply isn’t up to the job when compared to the other DAWs I use (PT & Logic). Long-standing issue with Cubase/Nuendo and alas it makes Nuendo my third choice when it comes to professional work.

I’m gonna be in 7 for a long time :frowning:

Same problem on iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, Late 2015), Sierra.
On another macs with Yosemite gui works much better(

Same opinion here Antonio. I’ll be waiting until all the beta testers that have purchased N8 check this :laughing:

You might be waiting a long time (this is why I’m back on PT completely for all new projects until they fix this 100%). It’s been an issue with Cubase for a long time. I started a major thread that the mods made a sticky on the Cubase forum, where Fabio has been trying to help get it sorted:

There you can see that it’s a widespread issue that unfortunately wasn’t fixed before N8 came out. :neutral_face:

For me, such a performance in a top notch computer it’s a deal breaker.

Hello all,

thank you for your feedback. In framework of the Cubase development we have already looked into this,
and the results of the investigation and development efforts are now transferred to a Nuendo maintenance
update as well.

I will post an exact maintenance release date once available.


And yet N8 was still released with the knowledge that this frustrating problem existed!

Is it only a Mac issue?

Thanks Timo.

An improvement of the GUI performance over N7 would be even better. N7 is workable, but with medium loaded project is very slow too.



I’m somehow happy I’m not plagued by these issues. I have a late 2016 MacBook Pro with TouchBar, mid spec. In N7 I imported an AAF to begin a new project. In the mix console I only have basic template plugins applied (iZotope stuff). I opened the project in N8, it now has 133 tracks (not all of them have something on it, but I guess 80 have, all kinds of mic recordings from the movie session.

And for me it’s buttery smooth. I can scroll, move objects, no problem. Phew I guess?

MacPro 5.1 32GB full spec here with Nvidia GTX 760 2GB, and a MacMini i5 wins it about GUI performance… even with only 1 Full HD screen running at one time…

How about zooming in and out? That’s one of the major issues.