very slow when storing a new preferences preset

Anyone know what may be causing this?

It’s at least a 15sec wait before I can store/save a new preferences preset (i.e. before the dialog box comes up allowing me to name the new preset)

I have seen something similar to this. Can you check what the size is on the User Configuration.xml in the Cubase User settings folder?

UserPreferences.xml file is 86MB

That is absolutely huge, mine is 200kb.
Try moving it to somewhere safe, while Cubase is not running.
Then startup Cubase and let it rebuild UserPreferences.xml.
Do you have lots of other issues (crashes ?)

Yes it is crashing each time I close a project (without quitting the application), and sometimes when I quit as well. And also sometimes when I start up.

If I move it, will Cubase still load my stored preferences presets?

So I moved the file to desktop, Cubase did not remember my stored preferences. Cubase started up real fast, faster than I’ve seen. But the ‘store’ preference thing is still taking a long time. And a new UserPreferences.xml was not rebuilt.

This sounds like the bug I reported.

Moving only that file might not reveal the prob or fix it. (it gets recreated when Cubase next quits- maybe that’s why you didn’t see it reproduced.) If you can open a support ticket in your Steinberg account though, you should report this.

In the mean time, start Cubase in Safe Start Mode and choose delete.(Watch the prefs folder, particularly Defaults.xml to see what happens if you’re interested in that sort of thing. :wink: )

The presets themselves don’t get removed, but also it might be one of them that is causing the problem. On my system I came across this while adjusting color prefs.

Thanks for the tips. I will try this. If I select Delete program preferences, can I get back my stored preferences (which files would I need to back up?)


Don’t quote me on this, but I think it’s just Defaults.xml. :wink: