Very small typo in Portuguese Dorico for iPad

I’ve just noticed a very small typo:

Where it reds “fluxoa” it should read “fluxos”.

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll make sure this gets corrected in future.

Thanks, Daniel.
Also, just noticed, the default Full Score layout name is called “Grade completa”, which doesn’t make much sense to me. I think it was meant to be “Grande completa”. Which, by the way, still sound weird to me. I’d use “Partitura geral”, though this might be a difference that I’m not aware of between Portuguese from Portugal and from Brazil, the latter I asume is the variant used by Dorico.

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Thanks for the additional feedback. I’ll ask our Portuguese translator whether they agree “Partitura geral” would be a better translation for the future.

Thank you Daniel!

I’m Brazilian too.
I really think the translation of Full Score as
”Grade Completa” is correct and the most appropriated.
Just my 2 cents.

Thanks @MGil. Now that you say it, it makes sense, thus, ignore my second request. However, I’ve never heard it in Portugal, but even that might be wrong on my behalf!

Yep, I’m Portuguese, but had never run into this as I prefer software in English, as I discovered more inconsistencies between the actual spoken language and expressions, and approximate translations, many times by non-native translators. It’s the same in Photo editing software, etc., so I just gave up.