Very Strange Automation Problem

No idea what this is.

All playback techniques are sending dynamic information via CC 1.
The volume slider in Kontakt is assigned to CC 1.
I didn’t write any automation curves anywhere - I double checked in playback mode. There are no CC 1 curves.
The slider is moving the whole time.
If I remove the CC 1 assignment from the slider, it -of course- doesn’t move.
Earlier in the arrangement, everything works fine and the slider moves like it should be…but all of a sudden everything is mixed up.
Why is it moving the whole time? Where is the CC data coming from?
I get crazy.
I can’t attach the session cause I’m working with Spitfire SoloStrings and Kontakt and I guess not many people have that combination. (1.72 MB)

My first thought was a possible Playing Technique conflict …

it’s upstroke downstroke thing from Spitfire PLUS I saw this video too late.
If I change some of the preferences, dynamic behaviour will change, too

Bildschirmfoto 2019-05-27 um 14.17.24.png

If the expression maps are using CC1 dynamics then that means that anything that affects the dynamic level will result in a CC1 event. So explicit dynamics such as p, f, hairpins and accents will create dynamic changes. However there are also small dynamic variations due to the extra stress at the start of the bar and for humanization. Dorico assembles the overall dynamic profile by taking into account all these items and then converts them to note velocities or control changes, depending on your expression map.

Yes, thanx Paul.
I set humanization to 0% and it’s much better now. One shouldn’t forget that SpitfireAudio also uses different samples for up- and downstroke. Together with the features of Dorico, things are kind of ‘doubling’ themselves sometimes and become too exaggerated - but the cool thing is of course, that you can influence this in the engraving options.