VERY ugly bug: Sluggish GUI with enabled Tempotrack

I just stepped over a very nasty bug… I was / I am (trying) do do editing in Nuendo 5.5.3 - and it bugs me to death that the GUI is sluggish as hell, that - when I have alt pressed and move the cursor (so that the cross-hair lines are there) everything is like in slow motion - like on an old computer with 100% cpu usuage…

For some reason I had another test-project - here it was blazing fast…


Later I found out about the difference: The tempotrack was NOT enabled in the test-project.

Switching off the tempotrack in the other projects results into a quite fast project/GUI/cursor.

W T F ???

This needs to be fixed - I can NOT disable tempotracks, about ALL of my songs have not a fixed tempo, I barely do something without enabled tempotrack - that means that I can not just disable the tempotrack in my projects because they will mess up.


I just opened a project in N5.1 - wow - here it is fast as well! Very fast, compared to 5.5.3

But all grouping is lost, I can not switch the gridlines to follow quanisation and I do not have beat detective stuff.

Oh dear, Steinberg… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE…

Can you not just release a version which is usable without ANY compromise???

It really drives me mad to have 2 or 3 versions parallel in use - just because some features in Vers B are broken while others are there and in Vers A I don’t have the new feautures but other stuff is working like it should.


Since V5.5 Nuendo had turned into “the art of compromise” for me.

I was mixing the last weeks only so I did not stepped over the editing slowness… Recording in Cubase 5.5 still…

Another update:

When I move the cursor with alt-pressed even the mixer GUI and the level meters are frozen… or almost frozen. Looks not very professional for the clients when Nuendo ist running on a 4 screen setup.

I just checked in N5.1 - here everything is fine.

I will go back to Cubase 5 - f*uck you Nuendo this pisses me off completely.

sorry for my aggressive style but that is not a game for me. I am under deadlines all the time and I was waiting that hard/long for the N5.5 features in combination with a working update so I am just angry.

Hahahaha in C6.5 (latest) the GUI as well as the cursor is blazing fast… Here I just have to deal with the inverted-event-color (when you click the events they will turn to black with white waves - nasty as f*ck but maybe kids want it that way) but everything is fast… levelmeters are freezing though but at least I am able to edit.

Please can someone check this? And when we are here - maybe it is possible to fix this without that we have to wait till end of 2012… This would be nice, thanks.


When scrolling down to an area with only single tracks or maybe 2 or 3 tracks everything is a lot faster…

But when I scroll up to the 16 tracks of drums it is sluggish again.

I even deleted the foldertrack to check out if it has something to do with that and/or grouping.

no success.

disabled transparent events - no success…

I have to say that I am on Vertex 2 SSD drives with fast i7 and 12 GB Ram, I checked both 32 and 64 bit of 5.5.3…

Well, the tempotrack is not broken…

And everything is fine when just using N5.5 for mixing or some “smaller” stuff - but editing drums to the grid in a somewhat better resolution (zoomed in) is a PITA.

I am actually continuing this project in C6.5 - performs cool so far, exept that my eyes are hurting because of the GUI

Well, this is exactly how this feels to me…

Now now… it’s only tempotrack/editing, .aaf import and metronome…

insignificant things…

Steinberg beta testing sucks… or their product management… but then again, what’s new, eh?

yea… the other stuff is … at least “ok” in C6.5 - everything is ok as long as it works… but that selected event thing is incredible un-awesome… Spent 5 hours editing drums in C6 now - it is ok… exept that damn damn selected event-thing…

Could you upload example project please? I cannot reproduce it here. GUI is fast and my PC is quite outdated. Must be something else…

P.S. I hate selection look in C 6.5 as well.

Thanks for figuring it out !!
I tought there was something wrong with my/our videodriver/cards.
Steinberg fix this asap please !!


yes, I can upload something, but not before monday. I have to check if this behavior is still there when I trim down the project to something “uploadable”

I need ONLY project file with no audio.

And this will have the same behaviour?! I will check this first

I guess so. Most likely it could be caused by number of events and so on…

well, I had this behavior in a FRESH project… Solid waves, not many events… BEFORE editing.

OK, but I think I will be able to see such behavior with just project file.

Another long time user of Nuendo and this stuttering vid with the Tempo track on - which for me is 100% of time – is a DEAL breaker. I score to picture - trying doing that without tempo adjustments???

Steinberg - hotfix coming out soon (next days - NOT weeks.) Can someone tell me how to revert BACK to just before 5.3.3.

Many thanks.

SB - any update on this HUGE ‘new’ bug with 5.3.3.

Can someone help me revert to just prior to 5.3.3. This latest update has made me vowed to NEVER update inside of 6 months of its release. Sad but prudent.