Very urgent problem. Can't receive midi cc to my instrument. Can anybody help?

Hi folks, glad you to see this thread.
So here’s the thing:
Some specific tracks can not receive some specific midi cc. (like cc1, modulation) but simultaneously others tracks which in the same project just work fine.
Also, the midi monitor indicates that the current track is receiving cc1 when i pushing the faders. But in the instrument edit view, it just didn’t do that.
This is very confusing, i can’t input my cc1 anymore.
Can anybody helps?

No midi filter enabled
No midi transport enabled

Check if you have have an Expression Map that uses those midi messages. because they become reserved for use in the expression map only.

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THANK YOU SINCERELY​:tada::tada::tada:
but what should i do if i want to use cc1 for both in faders and expression map?

Assign a different controller. Simple enough.