Very weird vsti loading behavior (6.0.3)

I’m relatively new to C6 but used Nuendo 4/5 for some time. From out of the clear blue vsti’s (Jbridged 64bit) in existing projects are either not loading at all (the “missing ports” window), some but not all are loading. When this happens, opening the vsti window (F11 on pc) and trying to load from there does not function. Trying to load as “instruments” doesn’t function. In the last few minutes they are all loading properly! This has been going on for a few days now completely at random. I’ve rescanned the vsti locations, re-Jbridged the vsti’s. The vsit’s are Kontakt, EZdrummer and Trillian. Nothing oddball. I’ve trashed prefs as well.

I’m stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


No takers? :laughing:

In any event, I made my J-Bridged vsti folder the “shared folder” in the plugin info window. So far so good. Grabbing at straws, obviously. Tomorrow’s another day. :arrow_right:

More weirdness today. Ezdrummer would not load on start up for three projects I’ve got going. (Lucky this is not for a gig! :smiley:) However, I was able to load from the vsti window. That’s an improvement I guess. So, finally, I created a back up folder, backed up the ‘fixed’ projects there with new names, trashed the ‘Cubase Projects’ folder along with the former projects, created a new Cubase Projects folder and copied the back ups to it. The projects are now loading as they should. I’ll get back to working on them this afternoon so we’ll see if gremlins haven’t invaded again in the mean time.

Sorry for going on but perhaps someone else might be helped if they’re unlucky enough to have my problem. Clearly some sort of corruption has occurred but I can’t pin it down. BTW, my computer and OS have been absolutely rock solid for 5 months since new (ADK desktop) and using Nuendo 4/5 all day every day while working on several video projects.


Well, after turning on the comp this afternoon I got the weirdo stuff happening again except worse. So, I uninstalled and re-installed C6, making sure I got the registry cleaned out real good. Everything is now normal. Guess I corrupted the first install somehow. We’ll see. Hopefully you seen the last of me. :mrgreen:

After installing the 6.0.3 update to 6.0.2 all the weirdness returned. Went back to 6.0.2. I’m certainly not above screwing up something during an install but it seems likely, on my system, 6.0.3 corrupted something.

cya :wink:


try updating the video drivers…
I had also freezes and problems loading VSTi’s
After updating the video drivers of my video card everything is back to normal.

hope it helps :slight_smile: