Vestige flows are printed - remove?

I had a project of 24 flows. I deleted four flows. Now when I print the score to PDF I still get 24 flows with the last four being vestiges of the deleted flows. What remains are empty frames with their text labels (eg {@flowTitle@}. I guess this is a bug - unless I have done something silly. The behaviour is repeatable on other projects.

Can you share a project where this happens? With a description of what you did - especially anything you did directly on the pages that don’t disappear.

What I’m fairly sure will be the case is that the pages of the deleted flows have local page overrides, which lock that page into place. Removing the overrides of pages that are no longer needed deletes them.

Yes I’ll send a file that demonstrates this. I’ll send it tomorrow.

In the meantime, just for clarity, where I delete flows all my work is deleted but a wire frame with text token fields remains and that I what I am referring to. For example suppose a deleted flow had two pages then there would be two wire frame pages. This does not occur in the parts pdf outputs - only the score.

Yes that sounds like you’ve edited those pages directly, producing overrides. That means Dorico knows that it has to preserve those pages exactly as you left them. When layouts have no overrides, Dorico will add or remove pages fluidly depending on the music, length of flows etc.

You could also try adding a new full score layout, and then without touching anything in that layout, delete or add a flow. You should find that pages are added/removed automatically.