VG2: Is there a list of slices?

In VG2 (VG= Virtual Guitarist) you can create your own guitar-riffs by using the “riff-editor
of VG2”. In the riff editor you create new riffs by selecting “slices”. So it would be helpful
if we had a list of slices. Or if we would know the naming-system of the slices, something
like this:

slice 01 downstroke long
slice 02 upstroke long
slice 03 downstroke short
slice 04 upstroke short
slice 11 downstroke + stop
… …

:question: Is there anything like a slice-list existing? Perhaps only for certain
parts? Or do I have to explore and put together a slice-list?

BTW: VG2 still is a fantastic VSTi - IMO. Greetings!