VG2 problems wirth USB dongle

Hi I have had VG2 for quite a few years now,ran it with Cubase SX sort of,ran it with
Cubase 4 sort of, purchased Cubase elements 7 that runs great as a soft licencer,so plug in my USB-elicencer for VG2 works fine,close down, re-load next day,won’t recognise it ,then it will recognise it,then it wont la de la. I have contacted Steinberg Hmm !! not a lot of use really. I would appreciate any ones ideas,help etc. The best Geoff.

2 things come to mind … 1- there’s something wrong with your USB on your PC (windows?), either in software installed or mainboard drivers like chipset, maybe a hardware connector on your mainboards USB is failing due dust, heat, faulty cable, … 2 - the elicenser dongle itself is at fault, and maybe you can still transfer the licenses on to a new one when it works occasionally; they’re not that expensive. Try running VC2 on another computer first? - F