Vibrant content won't load- license problem

I bought & downloaded Vibrant, an e-piano suite for HALion. It registered and is showing in my Steinberg Library Manager. But when I opened a session of Cubase, a message came up: “Some content couldn’t be loaded- Vibrant presets. Either licenses are missing or time-limited licenses expired”. I have an e-Licenser dongle inserted in my Mac. Does anyone have any ideas? I’m stumped and it’s so hard to get Steinberg support here in Australia, thanks.

is it showing in your eLicenser when you open the eLicenser Control Center?

Actually no. I never thought to look there. Do you know what I must do for it to appear there?

aren’t there installation / activation instructions in the download somewhere?

I’m guessing you need to enter an activation code in the eLicenser Control Center.

There probably are, I’ll have a look. Thanks very much!

Silly me, I hadn’t entered the activation codes in the e-License control centre. It’s been a long while since I’d bought anything and I’d forgotten the process, thanks a lot!

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