Vibraphone (soundtrack type music)

track duration : 3 min 6 secs

two versions together
first part without drums next part with drums
I’d love to hear what ever is your minds

Hey Masoomi, sorry I wasn’t paying attention! Thanks for posting this. I do like it. The think I like best is when the big synth comes in at about 1:17. That’s a cool transition. And I like the string sounds. I am not so happy with the acoustic guitar part. Sounds like it was a Native Instruments voice playing chords, but in that case they just cannot overlap, because a guitar can’t do that. The vibraphone is very cool!

yes, thanks for the nice words… I had a feeling the guitar was bad but after reading the word “overlap” in your post I went on ahead and disabled the delay and did it manually by adding notes.
track updated!
violins are changed a bit as well and added a little virtual distance ( :slight_smile: I think)
thanks for the advice mate! :smiley:

OK, listened again and the guitar is much better (although it still sounds like a sample, but in this piece, maybe that’s ok!).

Really great track. I like the instrumental atmosphere of the song, especially when the intensity increases with this heavy sound. Bravo!

Thanks for your great feedback : :wink:

Glad you liked it mate,