Vibrato tool in VariAudio

Waves “waves tune” plugin has a good tool “synth vibrato” with waveform (IMHO sine is enough), depth, predelay, attack and rate parameters. It is very good tool for lead guitars and sometimes useful for vocals. Natural human vibrato isn`t only pitch change but simultaneous volume change too (tremolo). Can you make some similar but better feature (vibrato/tremolo) in VariAudio? I think that vibrato and tremolo must be independed with depth but share the same rate.


I have used the vibrato and tremolo pedals from my Amplitube VST effect plugin on guitar and on vocal tracks. IMO they sound good.

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks, its good idea. But here in graphical mode it can be made much more detailed. And its imprtant for vibrato and tremolo to be fully synchronous. Besides, source vocal often already has natural vibrato and I need only to correct or strengthen vibrato. Adjusting predelay and rate I see visually how synth vibrato interferate with natural. If in wrong phase , they can “kill” each other. Controlling it visually I can get best results.