Vic France R.I.P.

I have been a friend of forum member Vic France for many years. I was deeply saddened today as I read that he had passed away in Paris in November last. I hadn’t heard from him since October and I began an inquiry.

Victor was an incredibly gifted musician, composer and orchestrator as well as a Cubase expert beyond reproach. Victor was easily the kindest and most selfless person I have ever had the pleasure to meet. His willingness to help users on this forum with incredibly detailed and kindly advice and information was legendary. He will be missed. If you’re interested in reading a little bit about his life in music, read this:


Thank you so much for posting this. I knew Vic here on the forum, and on another as well, and he taught much about Cubase- essentially anything and everything I couldn’t figure out on my own - it could fill a book- and also, he was an exemplar of how to be a prince among men. I strive to show the kind of constant patience, respect and generosity he showed everyone, and always I come up quite short in comparison. Because of this, he is a real force in my life, even though I had never met him in person.

Reading the article you linked was lovely, thanks again.

Thank you for those kind words for a great man, Steve. There must be countess people on this forum who were helped by Vic at one time or another. His passing is a loss for us all. He was a force.

I am so sorry to hear that. R.I.P my friend.

Vic France was a contributor in every sense of the word. Someone whose music I was both familiar with and contemporary to. I was also lucky enough to cross paths with him on this site. Thank you Weasel for bringing this to my attention.

Rest in peace.

Very sad RIP

Most helpful person, he was really generous with his time on this forum.
The song mentioned in the article:


Aw man… :frowning:

to me:
Vic was a powerhouse of cubase knowledge…

I knew that everytime he posted something, it was deep and true… He opened up doors in the program so that others could pass through with the info they needed and wanted…

He has helped me on several occasions and I have grown to “trust” his words…

I sadly only knew him in the context of this forum, but he was “one of them” as in, one of the good guys… -You know, one of the nichnames one kinda just clicks on and is sure to find something to help on your own journey… -> you all know who you are…

I am very sad to see such a force of good go…

If his (physical/biological/close family reads this: I am very sorry for your loss. for our loss. He is back where we came from and will surely go forward in his development. In what ever shape or form that may be.

I am very happy to have (virtually) known him here and very happy to have known him as a kindred spirit in soul…

Farewell and Bon Voyage, mon ami.


Hi Weasel,

Please pass on my condolences to his family at this very sad time. :frowning:

Kind regards

James Colah

Vic was a nice guy certainly…

R I P mate!

RIP Vic.

With regards to family and friends,

Oh, no!!!
One of the cornerstones of the forum almost, with solutions to small and big problems!
And the family and his friends lost this man. I guess it’s worst for them.
It’s just sad!

How sad yes R.I.P. Vic and thank you for the music.

Very well said. Constant patience, respect and generosity demonstarted in public forums through out many years. If there was something difficult, and no one else had a solution, Vic might provide it. Often with Logical Editor.

RIP Vic.

RIP. Echoing the sentiments that he was always helpful. I could always count on him for Score Editor advice!

I remember Vic. Very nice and helpful always. He will be missed. Sad news to hear.

As many have already said, a good man and so often really helpful here. Sad to hear this news, RIP Vic.

I’m so sorry to hear this sad news.

En ces moments difficiles, je tenais à te faire part de mes sincères condoléances

Vic’s posts will, I hope, remain here on the forum as a tribute to his knowledge and a touch of his personality as well.

When I was just starting on the forums a couple of years ago, Vic took time to answer a question or two of mine. He really set me straight on a few important concepts. I was so grateful to him for that. His depth of knowledge of both music and Cubase was a tremendous asset to the Cubase forums community. I’ll miss him and wish I’d known him better.

Difficult as it was to do, thanks for letting us know, Weasel. It was good to read everyone’s comments about Vic; thanks for posting the song link, Peakae, and the obit was good to read. My condolences to Vic’s family, his friends and other fellow musicians who had the good fortune to know him.


Oh how sad!!!