Video Always On Top When Switching Apps

As a film composer I’m constantly responding to notes and emails with change requests, and it’s very frustrating that I cannot keep both the video window AND another app such as Apple Notes or Mail on screen at the same time (if I move another app in front of Cubase, the video window disappears).

Logic and Pro Tools both behave as I’d like it; namely, the video window is always visible regardless of what app I’m focused on. Can this be added as an option?


Agreed. It’d be very helpful having a right-click ‘Always on Top’ option for the video player window.

I just wish the darn video window would stay on my secondary screen where I put it. Any time I move outside of Nuendo, when I come back the video window is back on the primary in front of everything… It’s been bugging me throughout different versions.

This is a big problem for me too. I want to revive the topic as a feature request for Cubase/Nuendo

Especially for taking notes, but there are many other applications I want to be using while reviewing a running video project.

+1 Huge problem- any new developments around this issue?

Just reminding Cubase that this issue really needs to be addressed. Depending on the project, I sometimes have to run rewire programs. And it seems like a huge oversight that the video screen would only be present when in Cubase and not the rewired software