video and audio mixdown

I have imported a video to my project and now i want to export the project with the audio and video together as one for you tube. i cant seem to figure out how to do this. any help would be appreciated. thanks in advance


I was tinkering with this just recently and I believe the only way is to use the “Replace Audio In Video File…”
command found in the main File Menu.

This works “outside” of Cubase if that makes sense…you don’t need to have an active project open.

To be on the safe side, before starting this, make a duplicate of your original video file on your HD.
(Although cubase will make a copy of this copy anyway)

  1. Be certain that the left locator is positioned exactly at the beginning of the Video file in your project,
    otherwise the start times for the video & audio won’t match after the replacement.
  2. Solo the Audio track and export it to the desktop or wherever you want
  3. Choose “Replace Audio In Video File…” command found in the main File Menu and select the duplicate video file you created…hit open.
  4. A new window appears and you select the audio file you exported in step 2. HIt open and the process should proceed. Be patient, it takes a bit of time…

Hope that helps


yep AFAIK this is the only way to do it… it’s how i always do it… unless you have a separate AV app like adobe premiere or sony vegas.