VIDEO - Behind the scenes on "Say Goodbye" by Danny J Lewis

Yes it’s another Cubase tutorial video - over 20 mins long too. It’s an informal look at my new release that’s out tomorrow on

Featuring ‘jackin’ snares, Retrologue custom patches and much more.

Loved it Danny. Thank you!

Great video Danny, I’ll never say no to a video of an experienced Cubase user showing off his tricks and workflow!

thanks Danny nice video and nice track :slight_smile:


Thanks Danny, very inspiring!

I like to separate the arrangement too with the Ruler Track “seconds” on top (along with the Arranger Track sometimes) :sunglasses:

Nice track and the video was a good watch… Enjoyed that!

How did you get that drop down blind thing at the beginning? I can’t find it any where, that’s well handy.

It’s okay, I just found it… That’s brilliant, I never knew you could do that. Now I can hide unused track, keeps things nice and tidy! :smiley:

for anyone wondering how to do that

Thanks again Danny,

looking forward to hearing the vocal mix when it comes out, best of luck with this track… :sunglasses: