Video blank on second monitor / graphics card

Dorico 4: video panel turns blank and crashes Dorico 4 when dragged to a monitor that sits on the extra pci-graphics card. Works fine on the first card.

Please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting diagnostics here, so we can take a look.

Thanks, Daniel. Forgot to attach it;)

Dorico (1.8 MB)

Unfortunately there are no crash logs in there, Henrik. Do you see the traditional “Dorico 4 has quit unexpectedly” window appear? If so, click the “Show Details” button and copy and paste the entire text shown in the large pane there, then zip that up and attach that here.

Right, so what actually happens is that Dorico becomes unresponsive if I try to resize or close the (blank) video panel. I will then have to force quit Dorico. So, not a crash it turns out.


OK – perhaps you can take a sample of the process when it becomes unresponsive? Go to Activity Monitor, select the Dorico process from the list, and using the cog menu in the toolbar, choose Sample Process. Then zip up the resulting text file and send it along here.

Hi! Here´s a sample from Activity Monitor: (25.4 KB)

Thanks. I can’t really tell what’s happening here, but I will ask my colleagues if they have any ideas.

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Hi @henrikskram. I have a couple of questions about your GPU configuration:

  • What is your setup? Are you using an external GPU for your monitor?
  • It would be handy if you could check which GPUs are driving your displays. You can do this by running “System Report…” from “About This Mac” in the Apple menu. If you look at Hardware > Graphics/Displays, selecting each entry under “Video Card” will tell you which displays, if any, each GPU is driving.

Hi Andrew,

yes, I have 2xRadeon RX 560 4GB running. The problem occurs when I drag the videopanel to a monitor that is not on the same card as the main monitor. When I drag it to my big TV it´s no problem; somehow Dorico doesn´t like the transport from on GPU to the other…

Am I answering your question;)?

Yes, you are :slight_smile:

A couple more questions if I may - what kind of Mac are you using? Are your cards installed internally (if, say, you’re on a Mac Pro) or are you using them in an eGPU enclosure?

Sorry, of course;

Mac Pro 5.1 upgraded to 12 cores, 96Gb RAM
The cards are internal on two PCI-trays.


Thanks for the info!