Video Bugs


I guess I’ve discovered a view little bugs, using the video function of VST Live.

  1. The option “Open Fullscreen” doesn’t fill the full screen at a 4K Monitor. The taskbar is still there. It seems that the video is behind the taskbar. But switching the taskbar at the second screen to off, using the Windows 11 preferences, the VST Live video lefts a taskbar high line at the bottom of the screen unused. You still see a bit of the desktop background, there…

Getting this bug, trying to switch “Open Fullscreen” back to “OFF” in VST Live, nothing changed. I’m unable to get the video back in a windowed mode. I have to close the complete program or all video-screens via the taskbar at the main-screen to be able to change the VST Lives fullscreen options.

Why don’t you let us change the view via a double-click function? Double click at a video-window changes it to fullscreen (on the screen the window actually runs). Double click at fullscreen video turns it back into a window.

  1. I need something like a grid to position and start all my three different videos at the same time.

  2. Will it be possible to add thubnails of the videos in future version of VST Live, so that we will be able to see, at which position we are?

Regards :slight_smile:

Hi @PaulOmen,

we’ll have a look. Thank you. But what about this one :

… There is a grid in the TRACKS view? You can move your three different video on three different video tracks to any grid position. No?


er meint eine multi view („Regie“)

Ich meinte eine Art objektbasiertes Andocken oder Ausrichten.

Den linken Lokator kann ich auf einen bestimmten Takt setzen, was auch prima funktioniert. An ebendiesem Takt kann ich dann auch meine drei Videos synchron starten lassen. Nun wäre genial, wenn ich den rechten Lokator am Ende eines der Videoclips andocken könnte. Auch toll wäre, wenn das Programm erkennen würde, wo auf einer anderen Spur etwas startet oder endet. Dies könnte dann der Raster für ein anderes Objekt, wie z.B, ein bestimmtes Softsynthprogramm, ein anderes Video oder eine MP3 Datei sein.

Ich habe eben aber leider beim Testen zwei weitere Bugs entdeckt.

Beim Cyclen folgt die Ansicht nicht dem zurückspringenden Cursor sondern verharrt beim rechten Locator.

Bei meinem Zweitrechner bleiben zudem alle drei Videospuren nach dem Cyclen schwarz. Erst wenn ich auf Stopp und wieder auf Start klicke, laufen die Videos wieder. Sogar an der richtigen Position.

Hilft euch das etwas?

Ich wollte übrigens mal loswerden, dass ich mit dem Programm sehr glücklich bin und es die allermeisten meiner Aufgaben problemlos meistert. :slight_smile:

Just click once works for me.
The “open in fullscreen” option is for initial opening mode. To set an already visible video view to fullscreen, simply hit the Return key. Hitting it again, or clicking the view, will escape from fullscreen.


Cannot reproduce, but heard about it from different sources and programs. Appears to be a Windows problem; somebody claimed that setting taskbar to auto hide would help.

Hello :slight_smile:

Using the Enter key the enlarging to fullscreen in VST Live works well. This way even the taskbar disappeares and the video stays in fullscreen mode after a cycling. Great infos that help me very much.

But if I use your “Video Views” options to open one of my three videos in fullscreen on the monitor I want it to from start there’s still the taskbar beneath the video. But hitting the Enter key enlarges the video to real fullscreen. Hitting Enter again, the taskbar comes back. But you don’t see the upper function bar of a Windows window. So you’re unable to close the window. Trying to fix this via the “Video Views” options, I’m only able to change the “Monitor” (the video jumps to the new selected screen immediately), not the fullscreen mode. Changes there seem to have no impact. So you’re still unable to close a that way enlarged window.

Using the Windows 11 “hide taskbar” option there’s not the full screen filled with the selected VST Live video, too. The height of the taskbar stays left out. You still see the bottom lines of my desktop picture. But if you hit the Enter key VST-Live switches to real fullscreen.

Strange, isn’t it?

Did you find out why VST Live trackview doesn’t jump back with the video after a cycle and stays at the right marker instead of this?

Will check, thanks!

Certainly is. Will try to further investigate.

Tried once more, cannot reproduce:

  • new project
  • import video
  • activate cycle
  • play cycle over and over, always works as expected.
    Does your video clip have offsets etc, any hint as to what might be different in your case?

Yes, of course the videos cycle. But you don’t see the curor in the trackview if it cycles to the left marker when the view is maximized that you could only see one of marker (the left or the right one).

I tought the view has to follow the cursor jumping to the left marker and not to stay at the right one. You see the cursor again when it reaches the left part of the seeable screen.

But if the right marker is out of sight, the view changes to the next screen, following the cursor when it gets to the end of sight.

Ah, Follow Song fails, got it. Will fix.

“of course”…you have no idea :slight_smile:
But you also said:
“Bei meinem Zweitrechner bleiben zudem alle drei Videospuren nach dem Cyclen schwarz.”
Do you still have problems there?

But that’s the purpose of “Full Screen”, or?

The problem, that after a cycle the videos turn black until you restart them, has disappeared.

But checking this I discovered other problems.

  1. The window of video 1 always stays in the front of all other windows. Clicking the window of another program or app changes nothing. But the windows of my other both videotracks behave the way I thought they would and turn in the background clicking at another window which than moves to the front of the others.

  2. Moving the right marker further to the right you’re unable to see it any longer from the moment it gets to the end of the seeable window. The marker seems to get moved further but you’re unable to see how far.

  3. Using my 45 minutes mp4-videos I’m unable to minimize the trackview that much, being able to see beginning and end together and set the cycling markers.

  4. It seems that I’m only able to use 15 Minutes videos. Better explained, I’m not able to see in the trackview more than 15 Minutes or 450 bars.

I just tried to explain you, that this works well in contrast to the always seeable taskbar without using the Enter-key. : )

Got it :slight_smile:

We added “Always on Top” selectable option with the next version (in the “Video Views…” menu).

That sounds great :smiley:

I’ve tested your update but some of the bugs still exist.

  1. It seems that I’m still not able to use videotracks that are longer than 15 minutes. Better explained, I’m not able to see in the trackview more than 15 minutes or 450 bars.

  2. So I’m unable to set the right marker to the end of tracks which are longer than 15 minutes.

  3. Moving the right marker to the furthest point at the right side you’re able to see and handle with the slider beneath the trackview, your’re not able to pass 15 minutes. Reaching that point cursor and video move on. Using the slider again the farest right point ist 15 minutes oder 450 bars.

  4. Using my 45 minutes mp4-videos I’m unable to minimize the trackview that much, being able to see beginning and end together and set the cycling markers.

  5. Cycling to the left cursor in a maximized trackview still doesn’t work. Getting to the right marker, the cursor dissappeares. You’ve to scroll manually to the left marker to discover the cursor.

Hope this helps you a little bit. :slight_smile:

15 min is the default length of a project. As soon as events are added which exceed it, the project length is adjusted and you can set your locator or whatever beyond that. Create a MIDI track, double-click to create a track event and size and move that event beyond 15 min.
That should work the same if a media event is added which is longer than 15 min, will check.

Who would do that in a live show? Will try to get hold of one.

True, will fix.

Absolutely, thanks!

I can now reproduce a case like this, will report.

We found “the 15 minute problem”, will be fixed soon. Thanks for reporting!