Video Capture of Cubase and Sound

I have done a lot of videos before where i did recording videos of external Keyboards and recording a track in Cubase and then syncing them later in a Video Editor. Today i tried few softwares but none seems able to capture Cubase Audio from VST Synths, i mean, from what’s inside the computer, from what i hear from speakers. I use Impact Twin with TC Near Audio Drivers, they show up in the video softwares Setups but there is no Audio. Anyone any idea or tips and tricks?
I am demoing few Software, ActivePresenter, BB Flasback Recorder and IceCream Capture, i wanna buy one of those.


Get a UR interface I use the 44. You can get a screencastOmatic account. Best deal on internet IMHO. The UR does a virtual connection with inputs 1/2. I have messed with all the video capture and syncing in a video editor. All that BS is behind me now thanks to the genius of the virtual inputs on the UR series. You will not be sorry. The overall sound quality of the output is amazing as well.

What I have done is capture my self playing in windows movie maker. Then I will import that mpg4 into a Cubase project and then launch screenOcastomatic and do a screencap of the video playing in Cubase along with the audio track. The sound quality is not up to par in screencastOmatic. So what I do is export a mpg4 from screencastOmatic and turn the sound down or do not capture sound and re import into windows movie maker and import the rendered audio file on the music track and the export the final mpg4.