Video card acting weird - HELP!!!

My video card is pretty strong. Not the strongest on the market but strong enough…I thought. Than I upgraded to 9.5…
Almost around the same time I bought iZotope Ozon 8 and Neuron2 from iZotope. I’m saying this because I can’t locate the exact time of when the problem started.
I can open any video on youtube, or movies (I don’t use that machine for watching movies, just checking) and they play fine. But when I open Cubase and play any project even when I open the new, empty one video is not smooth. The cursor is shivering, any knob that I touch works with delay, all four screen are working like there is a video card problem. Nothing looks/running smooth. I was going to change the video card but then I open Cubase 9 and open same project - the heaviest one. Everything works fine as usual. With Ozon 8 and Neuron 2 fully open. Looks like it happens only to Cubase 9.5.
All video drivers are up to date. Cubase is up to date. Everything possible is up to date. I don’t want to simply buy the new video card if this is not video card problem. Does anybody have any idea of what can be an issue here?
Sorry for the long explanation but I tried to be specific.

A few questions…
What video card do you have?
Is the integrated graphics card on the Mobo disabled?
What version of Win 10?
If you disable those iZotope VSTs on CB 9.5 does the issue go away?

Regards. :sunglasses:

If you suspect this is a video card problem, then the first thing to do is mention which video card you’re using.

Please download Speccy and tell us which video card/GPU you have.

Guys thank you for your responses!!!
I’m so sorry, I just realized that my info doesn’t include specification that I was asking to help with. Here is what I have:

Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760
Integrated RAMDAC
Version 80.4f0.0.60
Available Graphics Memory : 18354 MB
Dedicated Video Memory: 2048 MB

Windows 10 Pro
Version 1709
Intel Core i7-4790K 4.00GHz

FWIW I have no such issues on my similar system (i7- 4770k )with the GTX760 so don’t expect it’s the video card on its own that’s causing these issues. Which version of the drivers for the GTX760 do you have (it may be that the latest are the issue and you need to roll back). I’m not at that PC at the moment so can’t check what mine are but will later.

Have you followed Prock’s suggestion to see if disabling the iZotope plugins solves the issue? (And indeed his suggestion to check that the Mobo integrated graphics are disabled, I had that catch me out once).

As I mentioned earlier, even if I start the empty project problem appears on C9.5
If I start 9.0 - any project - no problem.

I will disable integrated graphics. Let’s see.

I don’t want to say anything too loud but …disabling integrated graphics…WORKS!!!
What a reliefe…
thank you all.