Video Card Blues (Triple Head Cards?)

OK, i have been happily running XP Pro SP3 and N4 for years now. (Asus P5E Deluxe MB)
I recently updated to N5 and see the huge benefits of running 64 bit processing, which would mean moving to Win7.

I am NOT looking to totally reconfigure my computer in the process (or spend a fortune), but Matrox has left me high and dry…so i am now looking for a new Video card. I have the Matrox APVe triple head card. Its run pretty well for me (apart from having to run process lasso to keep the CPU spikes at bay). I have 3 analog monitors. 2 15" NEC monitors right in front of me, and a 40" LCD TV/Monitor mounted on the wall in front of me (13 feet away). Its all running with analog inputs currently.
Are there any video cards out there that will allow me to continue working this way once i migrate to Win7?

I have my APVe set up as ‘individual resolutions’ currently, and it allows me to span nuendo across 3 monitors, each monitor displaying different tools and windows.

Any help and advise on this would be greatly appreciated!

Denicio (dennis)

Update I am NOT opposed to upgrading my 2 15" NEC monitors and getting one sizable 27" monitor to replace it, which would mean getting a solid DUAL head/Dual Display video card. Please let the reccomendations begin!**


A decent (and cheap) Nvidia passive cooled card will work great.
A Quadro NVS295 for instance can be picked up for around 40 bucks. Then add the Blackmagic Intensity pro for video output to your TV/monitor. It features analog NTSC/PAL SD connections.
I guess your 40" TV also have HDMI, then you can use the HDMI out of the Intensity Pro, and get proper HD crisp pictures at the 40"

This will use two PCIe slots (one 16x and one 1x), but it really shines compared to the Matrox solution.
You’ll also get faster GUI from the Nvidia than you did from the Matrox.


Is there a single card that can deliver solid and reliable Dual Video display? I’d rather not eat up two slots on my MB.


The Quadro NVS 450 works fine here, one card up to 4 x DVI.
Not the greatest video performance in Nuendo though, but I suspect they are enhancing the overall video performance now… BTW Video works great in other apps.


Oh my! thats an expensive card. I was hoping to keep a dual card somewhere under 200 bux if at all possible. Everytime i spend more than that (Matrox) i get burned!


If you only need one screen for Nuendo and one for video, you can go with the cheap Nvidia Quadro NVS295, or other cheap new Nvidia card. GTS 450 etc.

The NVS450 that Ola have is a great card, but in practice it is just two 285 cards smacked together.
It uses double resources etc. so in a tight corner it isn’t the best choice.


Not necessarily :wink: I got mine on ebay for about 240 Euro or something. Still, if it prevents you from having “the blues” it might be worth it?


Hey P,
Thanks for the info. Lemme ask you this. When you say One for video and other for nuendo, what do you mean?
CURRENTLY i stretch Nuendo across 3 screens. My solution is to buy a cheaper 2 head card and a large monitor to eliminate the 2 smaller monitors. Will the 295 or 450 you suggest do this?

Since i have an Asus MB i was seriously considering the Asus - GeForce GT430 1GB DDR3

I mainly use 2 programs in my studio. Nuendo and Vegas (video editing). I do vegas like nuendo and spread it across multiple monitors.

Dennis aka Denicio


The Nvidia card you mention will do just fine.
A dual head card can drive two screens.
So yes, if you want to work with two screens total, one for Nuendo/Vegas GUI and one for the video, it´ll do just great.
But you have to connect the 40" LCD /TV with a dvi to hdmi adapter or something.

One cool thing by doing it like this, is that you get GUI on the 40" as well. I often use this with the Nuendo TC counter, you can put it over your video window and have TC counter there if the video doesn’t have burned in TC.


I use two video cards, one Gainward GeForce 210 1GB DDR2 128-bit HDMI (2head) for primary monitor 27" & LCD-TV 32’ for video (above 27" monitor) and Asus nVidia 7600 GTS (more 2 heads) for 2x24" monitors from left and right of 27". Different chip-set, different brand but work great!

I’m using the Quadro 450FX with latest nVidea drivers (Win7 64bit) works like a dream. Shop around on ebay or amazon there are some bargains to be had (oem cards work fine with official drivers).

Thanks for the Info. I have to find something at Best Buy, as i sadly have to put it on my Best buy credit card, as real dollars are scarce these days…

I did buy an AOC 27" monitor to replace my two NEC 15" monitors…so i am 100% certian going the way of a 2 monitor set up… this new 27" and the 42" LCD on the wall. I think by doing this, it opens up a whole world of Video Card Options to me.


The APVe DOES work with Win7 64bit. See my other post: