Video Card - Interference can anyone help

I recently built a new computer

I notice now that the video seems to make a light ‘fizzle’ sound when scrolling the screen, heard through my monitors, albeit very quiet, just one of thoses things that annoys you because it didn’t do it before?

My videocard didn’t do this before in my old computer, and the position of connection wires etc has not changed.

My sound card operates via a firewire card in a PCIe slot that is as far from the videocard internally as it can be. theres another slot I could try but it is closer to the videocard so haven’t done this.

Any suggestions on possible causes will be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance

You might find that this is in fact not a problem with the video card, but rather with the mouse - i.e. USB port.
Try using a different mouse (PS3 if possible) and in a different usb slot it’s a usb.

Thanks for reply

tried all that, no difference.

Your problem has nothing to do with proximity between your video card and FW card. If video card (or anything) inside your computer were powerfull enough to create problems on you FW connection, you would experience LOUD crackles and pops.

There are two possible reasons for your problem:

  1. Your analog signal paths (cables coming out of your audio interface) are too close your computer/display and their cables. Try to keep these two as far away from each others as possible.
  2. Something inside your computer creates power spikes in power/ground system of your computer, which then disturbs your audio interface via FW connection. Source of this problem may be hard to find. But you may:
    2.a. Check if you have good grounding in your power outlets
    2.b. Check quality of all your cables and if they are seated properly (try other cables, if possible)
    2.c. Try another video card / FW card

Thanks Jarno

I’m going to try changing the slot for the FW card, and ensure my audio and video cables dont run along each other. it kicks in on a bright screen more noticable, or if an animation is running on a web page.

Grounding the power supply is worth a look too, the PSU was the first thing I installed into the case, Wonder if there was a ground tag that I’ve neglected to connect. hmm would have thought neglecting this would make more noise/hum

Like I say its not that loud, my monitor amp is fully turned up and the effect is slight, but I know it shouldnt be there so I want rid of it.

So I’ve opened up the computer case

Moved the video card

The Firewire Card

And the Wireless Network Card

No more fizzy noises

Phew… :bulb:

Great! While I’m surprised moving cards made a difference … but then … these modern cheap motherboards are just so lousy. Gimme a PDP-11 with a hand-wired backplane anyday :sunglasses:

You have a wireless device on your DAW computer? Ouch!

Might be time to run a cable, :wink:

Hi Betamac! I’ve experienced this problem with my current setup. In my case the “fizzling” when scrolling seems to have disappeared after switching from SATA to SSD drive for my system. I didn’t move any other hardware around.

Looking at your setup I see that you’re running Win8 and a Focusrite Saffire Pro 24. I’ve this device myself but had reinstall win7 as I experienced it was not supported yet in win8. Is it working for you?

Win8 compability: