Video card overkill?

I have an asus 560 gtx with two fans in my asus x79 sabertooth board. The video card blocks one of the pcie x1 slots and is in front of the Northridge ( not sure that’s what it’s called) fan as well. I cant move the card to another slot because it will not clear the pci slot that is next to it. Is this card overkill for a daw? I’m on cubase 6.5, 3930 intel, 32 gigs of ram, corsair h80 cooling , windows 7 pro. The system rocks, I’m just trying to optimize cooling etc while I still can return parts if needed. My motherboard temp is showing 42c. Some say this is too hot? Processor temp 33c. Not overclocked.

Thanks for any suggestions!


have same problem here my asus gtx 260 blocks one of two pci slots on my asus p6t deluxe mainboard, can’t put graficscard to another one and my rme is in the second pci slot very very close to the graficscard.
Greetz bassbase