Video card

I got some components to put a new computer together but still need a video card. I want something that will keep up with a Ryzen 3900X but won’t break the bank. I hardly ever work with video. I’ve read that your video card can bog down the whole operation so I don’t want to get something inferior that will screw things up.

Any suggestions?

What about using the motherboard onboard video? I use a fanless video card based on the GeForce 1030

AMD motherboards don’t normally have video on them. Usually the video out “through the motherboard” is provided by using a CPU that has a GPU inside of it. The Ryzen 3900x doesn’t have that.

Ah I’ve never had an AMD PC. Interesting to know. Cheers

Thanks for your help everyone. I ended up choosing an MSI Radeon RX 5600 XT. It seemd like a good enough card to not slow down the rest of the components and won’t break the piggy bank…

I’m glad you mentioned that. i had thought that i would use onboard video until i found a video card.

GT 1030 would do just fine, I prefer intel i9 for DAWs with onboard dual screen video.