Video Creation Not Working

When I try to create a video using Cubase Pro 13 the process stops during the creation of the audio. Why? How do I make this work? It worked at one time!


What do you mean creation? Do you mean export the video?

Could you provide more details, please?

I’m not sure what more I need to tell you. I’m trying to create a video using Cubase Pro 13 and the process stops midway and fails to create the MP4

Cubase Pro doesn’t throw an error it just stops without a warning to tell me why it stopped.

Imagine driving your car and it just stops. No warning message on the dashboard.

That’s what’s happening here! Cubase Pro 13 is stopping the process without a warning message!


Again… What do you mean by “create”, please?

Maybe if you write step by step what you are doing, what would you expect and what happens instead, we will get a picture.

File > Export > Video…

Process starts and stops halfway with no explanation why…

What are the possible things that would cause the process to stop without warning?

I can then check off those items to make sure they are not the cause of the applications behavior…

Since the application obviously does not have any code to trap this type of error.

I did it a couple of times and it worked fine. I just need to know what I can check to make it work again.

Unfortunately, this is a critical error because it’s not allowing me to perform a core function of the software.


Does it mean the export stops and Cubase is still running? Or is Cubase crashing?

But when you play the video in Cubase itself, there are no problems? Are you exporting the whole video or just part of it? Is the sample rate of the project 44.1 kHz or 48 kHz?

Does the export always stop at the same point? Do you end up with an (incomplete) video file, or does Cubase fail to create one at all when exporting?

I think I found the problem. A third-party plugin appears to be misbehaving.

Thanks for your help!