Video Cut Detection - in background

Video cut detection is a great feature, but I should be able to push it into the background…
I don’t necessarily have to do cpu intensive things during detection… but it would be great if I at least could navigate my session and for example be able to tidy up AAF/OMF regions/clips, move them from track to track.

I’m a new owner/crossgrader/forummember so correct me if I’m wrong on this :slight_smile:

i was happy about that feature.
then i first used it for a 42min documentary… and gave up.
Not only it takes hours to calculate the detection. but if calculation is wrong and you want to change settings… extra hours.
the best is to have EDL export from editor and that’s it.
maybe it’s ok for a 3min video… but than really it’s only 3minutes so… you could do it manually i guesS.
these are functions added so steinberg can make youtube videos title such as “what other software wished they had like nuendo” (…if they’d actually work) :laughing:


i changed my mind a little :wink:
A/ “if calculation is wrong” you don’t need to recalculate you can just change the setting.
B/ it’s quite convenient to work on small portions of a film if you don’t have the EDL (you asked for !)
but that winfow has to be improved bnecause it’s to small if you have a 1h film and check some detections.
but it’s a nice feature to have really. also maybe detection is slow because of my computer ?

Maybe try with different video formats. I would expect a possible difference between for example H.264 and DNxHx.

I’m finding scanning a DNxHx file takes a lot longer to scan vs H264. So Mattias is right that different codecs seem to take different times to scan.

Hmmm… I had to step out while it was running, but my 42minute DNxHD file should have taken about 15 minutes. I believe it’s DNxHD 8-bit 720p.