Video Cut Detection

I don’t seem to have any luck with video cut detection. When I do run it the detected video cuts often end up not on frame boundaries. The error appears to be quite random. If I use cycle markers sometimes there are holes between cuts too.

Does anyone else have problems with video cut detection accuracy?

I’m using Nuendo 11 but had the same issue in 10.

I’ve tried it only once but didn’t really end up using it much. Perhaps I’ll try it today again and report back.

One thing comes to mind though: What video codec are you using? Sort of top off my head I could imagine getting different results for different formats… maybe…

I have a whole workflow based on videocut detection scenes. Actually I used only position markers and it worked fine. Markers were inserted exactly on changes of real scenes in video(mp4 and dnxhd). Have to say that there’s another bug regarding marker insertion. When you make a marker (manually or it made by videocut detection) sometimes it inserts not exactly on frame grid, it places a very little bit earlier than grid. It doesn’t happen with all markers, just several of them, maybe 20-30%. And it causes some further issues in my workflow. Just made a macro that fix position of markers exactly by grid. That’s it, no more problem with videocut detection.

I use DNxHD and sometimes ProRes and have tried at various different frame rates.

Apart from finding it inaccurate I also find it excruciatingly slow.

I have resorted to using an app called Handysaw DS which will rip through almost any video file at blinding speed and creates a CMX3600 EDL that I can then import into a Nuendo marker track as loop markers. It’s a tad less convenient but so fast and accurate. Only catch is it’s PC only.

Why don’t you just ask for EDL exports along with the delivery from pic editing? It’s a very quick export for them.

I always do. Thus I rarely use the cut detection.

Are you on Windows or OS X? On Windows 10 I haven’t seen issues with holes in cycle markers. Usually the cuts line up with actual video cuts, but depending on the sensitivity setting, it could add too many unnecessary cuts. There is always cleanup to do. My issue is the detection algorithm doesn’t work well for Text slides (think PowerPoint) and spits out lots of cuts.

It still helps for getting the general list of most of the cuts I would want to know about. Hopefully it continues to be developed and improved.

I have recently discovered this (after 11 years of nuendo, yay), if you can get an edl, it’s the quickest way to go.

It’s a good suggestion and I have had editors deliver edls but it’s not always possible or convenient.

My main concern though is that I can’t seem to get usable results from this Nuendo function and would like to see if I am doing something wrong or if other people are experiencing the same issue.

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