Video Demo?

Hi Daniel:

Today I watched a YouTube video of the presentation you gave at the Helsinki MOLA event last week, and I have to say it is absolutely fascinating to watch … three things especially:

  1. The workflow between “player” / “score” / “parts” and how you can go back and forth
  2. The part about entering notes anywhere and everything after that, automatically is adjusted
  3. The part about the integration of notation and midi (that is still early days but I LOVE the concept)

The video was not great quality though (both audio and video) – I couldn’t understand some parts. Is there any chance of Steinberg putting up a better video? Doesn’t have to be slick / commercial / sales pitch, just a short demo …

You know what they say about a picture being better than a 1000 words …


Peter, please post link!

I didn’t know that this video would find its way to YouTube. No better recording exists of my presentation than the one that Peter took on his camcorder.

I have already suggested to my colleagues in Hamburg that we might do some kind of a live-streamed presentation about Dorico in the relatively near future, and there is support in principle for the idea, so it will probably happen at some point, likely e.g. on the new Facebook Live service.

Thanks for sharing this, Peter!