Video display in live performance


My request is about the video tracks and video player. Most of people who need a video montage will use a specialised software. So I wondered why a dedicated blackmagic video card is required in Cubase?
Commons video cards now are very powerful. Why using cubase for minor montage?
So why not focusing the main functionnalities to the player.
For example, we can have two video tracks. In live performance that would be very useful to display each track to respective selected screen output. And maybe one track could be routed to a streaming? That would be top.

Who will be interested in this? Just all the little bands. So maybe it would be interesting thinking about improving live performance in cubase. VST live is a good idea, but cubase shoud have this natively too. Because of tools already used in project all those years : tempo variation, automation of effects, using the export of the music project right away for live with video and dmx added. Well, not developping all the function of a dmx controller, with features, but thinking about to make easier the connection. For example I use QLC+ with cubase with loopbe, and an android tablette with touchosc. All I miss is to be able to route a second video synchronised with my projects to a different screen. Very specific need indeed. But I’m just at the beginning playing with this.

Some people always wonder why? why you don’t do another way? Maybe playing with a band? I hate those question. So just to expose my specific profile (probably I’m not the only one), I’m a solo musician on stage, recording my soundtrack, and playing different instrument depending on the song. My goal is to bring a show as full as I can despite I’m alone. It’s a challenge, to have a smooth high-quality show. As much as possible should be automated.

I used to be a little developer, so I know that might not be easy to implement. Especially to deal with the bugs. Well actually I don’t know, I’m not very aware of what it’s done today. Maybe libraries have been improved. But I think good things are happening about video encoding. (about royalty free wise and performance). Anyway, I’m just thinking about what would be really cool.