Video Display Problem in NUendo 10

I have this unpleasant surprise after installing Nuendo 10.
Wanted to continue projects started in Nuendo 8, to my surprise the video display appears wrong.
There are two different kinds of problems.
In some the video seems “centered”. It means that only the center part of the video is visible and enlarged, the whole rest around is not included at all.
Playing the same in Nuendo 8 or VLC (for this matter) shows the whole frame as expected.
In other videos black bar appears on 20-25 percent of the left side of the frame moving the picture to the right. The seen rest of the picture (on the right) is also enlarge and totally wrong.
Once again, all of those videos looks as expected in Nuendo 8, and any other video player.
I looked for some settings possibility, didn’t found any of them.
Tried to watch in, “half, full,etc” didn’t change a thing.
I checked all the videos on which I worked in last year or so (mostly on Nuendo 8), and not even one of them looks as expected in Nuendo 10.
Tried to solve this by converting to ProRes and DNx, didn’t change a thing - same problem.

Any ideas please ?

Thanks in advance.

Windows 10, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti, Avid Codecs LE 2.3.9 (latest) and DNxHD codecs installed.

Thanks to Axel, the problem solved.
When setting the new version (N 10), I checked “Enable HI DPI” under Preferences - General - Enable Hi Dpi.
It seems that my HDTV in which I didn’t invest a lot, do not have this ability.
Once unchecked, everything is working perfectly.
Thanks Axel.