Video Engine Broken and Virtual Keyboard STILL is too

Hello, this update is horrendous, first 2 things I try the alt k virtual keyboard shortcut that has been broken since 9.0.20 that GREG ONDO personally told me would be fixed in the next update was not addressed at ALL! Also the very next thing I do is try the new video engine… Which doesn’t work whatsoever. Won’t load any videos, play back any videos, old files, new files, not from drag and drop or import video file option… It adds the video track with the name on it… But NOTHING is in the timeline and nothing is in the playback. We all waited months for this update and the simplest things are not even addressed. Major fail Steinberg. I have never been dissatisfied with customer service or any of the products or subsequent updates until the last 2, 9.0.20 and 9.0.30… this is just really bad. I will be going back to 9.0.10 once again… and even that one is not perfect but hey, it works.

Agree, Alt+K (Virtual Keyboard) was a nessesary shortcut. It was an independent part of transport panel (F2). Now it doesn’t work.

Its sad when something that has never had an issue suddenly does and then it goes unaddressed.

The workaround is to set the transport panel to only have the virtual keyboard, and to use the docked transport panel for transport instead. In that case Alt+K works fine here.

How do you do this? Any time I press alt k it pops up the floating transport but does not work at all. It just stays on the transport.
Is anyone else having problems with the new video engine??? Mine does not load any videos properly no matter the format.

Right click on it, choose Setup and remove everything, and only add the virtual keyboard item.

That doesn’t solve the problem. For example, I want to work with VK window independently from other windows. In older version (9.0.10) I could hide or show it with shortcut (Alt+K) with the main transport window stayed active. Now I had to press F2 to close virtual keyboard with all windows in the same time - it’s annoying.