Video engine crash on start up


Cubase crashes on start-up and I get a message that is is the video engine. I can then restart it without issue but it’s just very annoying having to do this every time.

I tried resetting the preferences which was suggested but still have the same issue. I have attached the crash report and a screenshot of the message I see. I searched the forum and I saw an issue with using videos but not this.

I am on OSx Catalina 10.15.6 and Cubase 10.5.20

Thank you for any help.

Cubase 10.5_2020-07-27-104152_Adams-MacBook-Pro.crash (102 KB)

I’ve been dealing with this exact issue. Have you found a solution?

same problem here, since Cubase 10, now on Cubase 10.5 and new monitors, same problem… :confused:

No, I haven’t but since upgrading to 11 I get a new issue that seems very similar. Bizarrely it has stopped crashing on opening today so I can’t get a screenshot.

I attached the Crash report if thats any helpCubase 11_2021-01-13-123057_Adams-MacBook-Pro.pdf (104.4 KB)

this is the message I get since upgrading to Cubase 11