Video engine has stopped working


I’m working with a video file. After a random amount of time (sometime a few minutes) I get an error message saying “Video engine has stopped working”. And the video doesn’t interact anymore.
I’ve installed the latest Quicktime yesterday.

Cubase 6.5
The file is mp4
97 minutes long
4898 kbps
3.4 GB

Maybe I should change the thumbnail cache size?

Now it happens within a few seconds of launching the project.

It doesn’t happen if the video isn’t playing, i.e if I never double clicked the video file.

Please help?

I’ve found a temporary solution - load the project, make sure the video player is CLOSED, and press play. Let it run for a minute or so. I’m not sure the actual playing is necessary, it’s more likely the fact that the project is active, and is loading or buffering the video. Let it warm up for a bit.