Video Engine: possible to disable?

Is it possible to start up Cubase without the Video Engine? I never use it and wondered if there was a secret flag you could add to the command-line to stop it loading. The only way I’ve found so far is to remove the DLL, as suggested (unofficially!) in this post:

If not, is it something that Steinberg might consider? Having certain such flags available (only video suggests itself to me at the moment) would:

  1. allow only the required elements to load, saving resources
  2. be useful when troubleshooting, to isolate problem areas

It would be a simple matter to create icons for these alternative startups, as you occasionally see in other apps.

Aloha and great idea C,

At times I would also love to be able to not load any audio stuff as well.

For some projects MIDI is all I need (but I guess some
audio functions would be needed if I were to still use VSTi’s).

But to your point,
to be able to shut down parts of the Enterprise to
save Dilithium crystals and isolate problems would
be one of the 1st things Scotty would do.

This would also be a kool feature in Cubase.


Glad you like it!