Video engine problems

Hey guys from Steinberg, I’ve read the knowledgbase about the new video engine but In the same week we’ve had three customers and myself with a big problem because of this change… both on pc and mac.

It used to be great having the option to use any codec installed on the computer as long as it worked in Quicktime, and also the option to use Windows Media as a video window…

Would there be any chance to bring back this possibility?

My case was a little strange, I am producing a song with a client and we had a .mp4 video on the project. We’re making the song on top of the video so it’s important to watch it. We switched the project to a new workstation, with windows 64-bit, Quicktime updated and the latest Cubase 6 update (6.5.4) but it says the file is now unsupported. We tried in both 32-bit and 64-bit installs of Cubase but no success…

Did something change dramatically in this last update?

Sorry to say this, Cubase is awesome, but this new video engine seems to have limited the compatibility with video files.

Thank you