Video engine status?

So I’ve installed my cubase 8.5 version again and am thinking of upgrading to version 10, but read many complaints about the video engine which gives problem with scoring to film. What is the status on this these days? Is this working normally now or should I wait before upgrading?

You’ve waited this long; wait a little longer I’d say… There is a Nuendo update scheduled for next month that will include the new ‘Video Rendering’ engine capability. Maybe not all of that (full video rendering) will make it into Cubase, but some of it has to, surely…? Maybe there’ll be more codec support or, dare we dream, at least some ‘Replace Audio in Video’ functionality… :slight_smile:

On the few occasions I need it, I use the ER Toolkit from AudioSpot, which does work great. Though, a Steinberg built-in solution would get my attention first.

There again, the current cheap promotion deals (which will include update/upgrades by the weekend) are hard to resist…! They run out June 3rd. Maybe just go for it…:slightly_smiling_face:

I made the jump to 10 now they have a 50% discount on update. Let’s see what I missed out on :grin:

Any word if parts of this Nuendo video engine will make it into all versions of Cubase, or just Pro?