Video Engine

Every time I close cubase I get a warning saying video engine has stopped working. I don’t even use video. Using latest version 7.0.4. Just wondered if there is anything I can do about it? About to take some video nasty outside, and slap it back to betamax. lol not really that big of a deal, but if I can get rid of it it would be OK. Serenity now!

I had this in 7.3 and support told me it was to do with the UAD plugin’s I was running , it only happened a few times but it happened :wink:

I get the same error when I’m trying to replace music in a video file. I have a macbook pro with 10.8.3.

I hoped they would fix this as it is a really important feature for my business…but maybe in the next update?

Thanx for the replies. I had the prob from day 1 of v.7, upgraded from 5. 7.0.4 still same issue.

Not running any UAD plugs. N.I., Waves, Stillwell, Voxengo. Same plugs I used in v.5 with no issues.

Not a huge problem, but I do like my daw to be 100% problem free, but then again maybe I am asking too much lol?

You could try this: Go to the components folder of your Cubase installation, rename videoengine.dll.

I’d suggest you just change it to videoengine.dlx or similar so it’s obvious what it is and is easy to change back if you need it.

Cubase will run fine without initialising the video engine and hopefully will close down cleanly for you.

Sry for delay in replying.

Thanks Grim, I just did that and it worked. No need to have it running if I don’t even use it. Appreciate the help.