Video Export - More Audio channels to select from

Love having the new Video Export feature.
Only frustration is that it only works with you “physical” outputs and not any of the other channels.
As I have SonarWorks Reference and a gain change on my stereo out channel, it would be great if I could select the group channel that I’m summing everything to before I send it to my stereo out.

So for now I just found a workaround myself for this, having Soundflower installed and have it as am output device as well, I can do Direct Routing to it and that way avoid the plugins that are on my Stereo Out channel.

I’m pretty sure You can have any stereo output (perhaps even groups? I can’t remember). Sou you have one Main out (corrected) and another that is not corrected and you choose this output as the audio source for the export.
You don’t need to have a physical output assigned to a output to do this.

You can select any Output bus, but unfortunately no Group output. You could create a second stereo output bus without Sonarworks and gain change applied to it, and use that as the bus to export video. Don’t forget to route your audiotracks to that specific output as well.

But another thing: Why would you apply Sonarworks and gain change to your stereo output bus? Why not use the control room and insert the Sonarworks plugin there? It would be unwise to insert any form of processing used for control room correction on your Main bus. That’s what the control room setup is meant for.