Video export :: no file generated

Nuendo 12/Windows 10- Using Video Export :: Locators set to Left and Right of Video file. Video file is mp4/H.264 Audio file is 48Khz, 16bit.
When I select “Export Video”, there is a “Exporting Video File” dialog box on screen, covered by a “Exporting Audio Mixdown” dialog box. The transport plays through the Locators, and the “Audio Mixdown” dialog box fills from right to left. In the file location, a wav file with the name of the audio cue is generating. But when the audio mixdown is finished, both dialog boxes disappear from the screen, and the wav file also disappears from the file location. No video file is actually generated.

FYI…I also have Cubase 11…the same Video Export is working fine there…

I didn’t understand your workflow at first. From your description you seem to be saying you are exporting a video file with the real-time option active in the Export Video dialogue?

Real-time works fine here. The video is exported with no issues.

You could perhaps try exporting the video without using real-time.