Video Export Q in 10.5

Hello everyone a littel help please , Im a bit perplexed , I have imported a 14 gig file into Cubase 10 and when i go to export it it says it will be 25 gigs … what’s happening here I don’t quite understand all i did was make a edit in the audio thats it. how c an the file be more than twice the size of when i opened it .

Any help will be appreciated.


What is happening here is obviously that Cubase uses a video compression that creates a higher file size.

And not to forget, current video export is fixed at MP4 (H.264) full Res HD (1920x1080) output only - no matter what the source quality/size.

Um…compression typically means…compression. Which is to say if the file is compressed at export it would be smaller. It has to be the conversion to MP4 full Res HD that doubles the G size.

Which is what I meant, but seemingly wasnˋt able to express correctly.

No worries, I’ve done the same thing. Also, if you haven’t already, I think you should check out this company and this tool, -steve suggested it in another post and I am VERY impressed with it.

Thanks Guys I went ahead a purchased a Video editing pack which works great so moving on, as im not about to upgrade to Nuendo