Video Export resolution

Just downloaded and started playing with 10.5 … video export is something I’ve been waiting for a long time.

It seems there’s no way to set the resolution. I receive loads of video files and commonly reduce them to 360p to work with so that my ssds/hdds are not overwhelmed with gigabytes of picture edits that soon get superceded. When I export in 10.5 it exports at 1080p regardless. The result was a large file of crappy looking video (that lagged somewhat).

Please tell me I’m missing something and that I can adjust this somehow… otherwise it seems like another half baked “feature” that doesn’t quite cut it.


The export resolution is set to 1080p and cannot be changed at the moment. Lower or higher values are not supported yet.

Thanks for your answer Joaquin.

For media composers like me the main use of this tool would be export WIPs for review. I work a lot in animation and a lot of WIPs that I send are to animatics or early stage animation that is normally low quality and in no way warrants a 1080p picture or file size. Even with the documentary and drama work I don’t do it as these things are often initially checked on tablets and phones … massive file sizes are not useful. This is not to be used as a final rendering solution so why make it so rigid? I would at least expect it to respect the resolution of the original file so that the only difference between the original and the new one is the music.


Oh no, why didn’t you support lower resolution if you promote this as a way to send video to the clients? Massive video files are not practical

I think we will be waiting a year for this to change to a useful feature

At approx. 250mb per minute of film it’s totally impractical for client reviews …


Thats kind of wierd

I honesty don’t know why this keeps happening, a good intended feature but somewhat crippled every time

It’s super slow exporting, too. When I export from Protools, it just exports at the same format the video was already in, and it’s like instant, or very close. Agreed, for those of us who have to post several demos a day for client reviews, this is not practical.