Video Export resolution

There needs to be the ability to adjust video resolution from 1080p. I would at least expect it to respect the resolution of the original file so that the only difference between the original and the new one is the music.

For media composers like me the main use of this tool would be export WIPs for review. I work a lot in animation and a lot of WIPs that I send are to animatics or early stage animation that is normally low quality and in no way warrants a 1080p picture or file size. Even with the documentary and drama work I don’t do it as these things are often initially checked on tablets and phones … massive file sizes are not useful. Currently a 4 min video gives you a file size of more than 1gb. Not practical at all. This is not to be used as a final rendering solution so why make it so rigid?


Bummer… this really has to happen inside Cubase for it to work and be useful… how is it on Nuendo I wonder…?

Curious though, what’s your current workflow like - relying on a video NLE to re-dub the new audio and then render out at your chosen resolution/format from there…?

I’ve tried various methods but the easiest tends to be to export the audio as mp3, open Quicktime Pro, remove the existing soundtrack and then paste the new one. There’s a little trimming to be done but that’s what I’ve been doing for years waiting for Cubase to catch up to Logic. The video file remains the same, only the audio changes.


It’s the same in Nuendo, identical specification.

Ok - thanks.

I should go and have a look into the Nuendo forums; see how this is all going down with them…

Ah.! ok, I see…

There’s that AudioSpot ER Media Toolkit that be worth looking into - it can be used directly as a ‘Post Process’ out of Cubase’s ‘Export Audio Mixdown’ window. If the video length stays the same, it could be a one-button operation for you; might be a bit of time/workflow saved:-

Aha! That looks interesting, I’ll check it out. Thanks for the heads up!

This is what we could use BEFORE Steinberg introduced the video export function: you have to apply this to an entire video and not to a selection of it.
Rather, if we really have to use an external app (…sounds crazy to me…), maybe it’s better to use a batch video converter to compress videos exported by Cubase.

Come on, Steinberg!
Give us the chance of leaving the original video resolution. Please!

Why leave things halfway?

Indeed - and was the reason why I suggested it; there was explicit mention that the video length rarely changed in his workflow - so, not exporting smaller sections within (something which, as you suggest, this tool wouldn’t bring any great gains).

Yes, you are right!
It’s the best solution for whole video.

Hope Steinberg will let us work without founding workaround… :blush:

Bumping this. It’s crucial to get this feature – to be able to export video without changing the original resolution, and/or to change the resolution to whatever we want, so that we aren’t sending immense files to clients.