Video export,, where's the audio?

I’m happy to finally have a good reason to be coming back to using Cubase after about a decade in mostly Ableton, this is mostly due to my need of a DAW that is more suited to working with video, but its a refreshing change that I’m feeling inspired by. I’m recently working on a project that requires long form scoring and mixing and Cubase has just been a dream to work with compared to Ableton for this purpose… until it comes time to export.

I have 2 issues I’m hoping to get some advice on:

  1. my non-realtime exports are taking nearly as long as the project time, is this normal? (about 1 hour 30 min on a Mac Studio on a 1 hour 40min project with around 225 tracks audio/vst )
  2. If I export a video, is there somewhere I can pick up the associated wav audio mix down without doing an additional audio export?? This is the one feature I’m really missing from Ableton when it comes to working with video. Maybe I’m just missing something?

Thanks a bunch!