Video Export

Will Dorico support video export at some time in the future?

Do you mean a video file showing the music and including the playback? If so, the answer is maybe. I’m sorry I can’t be more definite!

Yes. I am loving Dorico, but need that function that Sibelius has, of exporting a video file for youtube or my website use.
Linda Scott

I can understand that, Linda. It may be possible to use a separate screen capture program to capture the video directly: some programs allow you to capture just a portion of the screen, so you could set things up such that the capture is of an area that doesn’t include the window furniture, and capture the playback that way. On Mac, I would recommend looking into either iShowU from shinywhitebox, or Screenflow from Telestream. On Windows, I think the most popular program is still Camtasia Studio, but it’s been quite a long time since I used Windows for anything other than having an excuse to curse at a computer, so perhaps other forum members would be able to give you a more up-to-date recommendation.

TechSmith makes a straight capture program called Snagit which captures video as well as stills now. It’s cheaper than a full copy of Camtasia (around 50 USD vs. 200 USD.) I thin both have free trials on TechSmith‘swebsite. I can recommend both for windows and iShowU on the Mac.