++Video++ Extract an Acapella for your own bootleg remix

Hey people, happy new year.

I’ve been featuring Cubase 7 in my new Black Book Audio Lessons and here’s one featuring acapella extraction.


The rest of the series is here - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLsV19n8pnqztxKe2dsIO6J1PFu6Pj_r7&feature=view_all


Feedback welcome.



Thanks for the Video…its a technique used 10 years ago till now…But the most importent thing is, when you have the instrumental and the Original Version, but one of them has an different start point…how do you make them starting exactly on the same bit?

u gotta shuffle the audio around.

used this trick a few times.

good stuff man

Yeh, definitely an old technique… had been demonstrating it for over 10 years at the Point Blank Music College in London at the time I left in July :wink:

The alignment is crucial - to sample level… maybe I should have put that into the video… i’ll consider doing an additional one to bolt on. Thanks for the feedback.